Montes Seafood

Kingfish & Whiting


Montes started small and today is one of the biggest kingfish dealers in the New Fulton Fish Market. As a matter of fact Montes probably sells more Kingfish then anyone else in the market. Montes handles a lot of fish out of Mexico, we are probable one of the biggest direct seafood shippers out of Mexico, We process and sell just about 3000 pounds of whiting fillets per week,

Montes is a direct source for kingfish and whiting. We ensure that we always have a stable supply of whiting. Our whiting is quality, we normally get 15 cents per pound more then anybody because of the quality is there, it’s all picked out product.

We are fishing partners with our kingfish suppliers, some whom happen to be some of the biggest kingfish shippers out of:

- Florida - Key West
- Louisiana - The Gulf of Mexico
- Mexico - Trinidad

We have an excellent reputation with our all our seafood shippers. Ariel seafood is one of our main shippers out of the Gulf Coast just ships to Montes in NY.

Let Montes, be you partner in wholesale seafood!