Montes Seafood

Delivery and Airport Pickup

Seafood Delivery and Airport Pickup

In NY, Montes is very strong, our fleet of trucks delivers to catering halls, restaurants, fish markets, and retail stores as well as other food service establishments. We specialize in distributing seafood to the ethnic kitchens of the Caribbean and Soul kitchens.

Montes also is reaching out to deliver the freshest seafood to other areas, we ship to Chicago, Saint Louis, and Florida. If a business need fish; Montes can make certain that it is delivered to you when you need it. We ship by truck and air; we deliver seafood any way the client wants.

We take care of the airports, and the transportation to Montes seafood, we have a trucking company that we work with.

We have 3 vans for local deliveries and 2 big trucks for deliveries, freight forwarding and pick ups at the airports. We pick up from Philadelphia, Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK airports. We currently have routes that span from the metropolitan area, from Connecticut to NJ to Long Island.

We do our own airport work, we pick up at the airport, we do our own trucking.

We import from all over the world!